Hello all, and welcome to my (Naya's) Gargoyles page!All I really have right now is fan fic, but it is really great fan fic, I even have a seperate section for you mature readers. Anywhoo, look around, I think you will enjoy what you see. : )

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Mature Gargoyles Fan Fic:
This is for those of you who enjoy a good douse of spicy....Well, umph in what you read. Under 18 GO NO FURTHER!

Fan Fiction:
This is regular Gargoyle fan fic guys, no naughtyness here. But there are alot of great stories! There are a few with violence however, and those will be marked accordingly. Hope you enjoy this new addition to my page.

Top Ten Lists:
HYSTERICAL! These kinds of things are one of my favorite things to read in the whole world!!! Im sure you'll enjoy them as well.